What is Wet Civilisation?

Wet Civilisation Book

Wet Civilisation is a Science Fiction novel written by Pravin Balaji Dhayfule. It takes you on an under water journey centuries away from now when the global disasters lead to the entire land submerging under the water.

The Plot of Wet civilisation

Centuries later, the Planet Earth passes through series of disasters, causing global destruction. This leads to vanishing of the life from the entire land. Similar to once long known Dinosaurs that had become extinct, the Humans, birds and other terrestrial animals meet the same fate, when the whole land gets submerged under water along with its buildings and monuments. Water is the only place where life exists. All the rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies merge in to a large ocean covering the earth.

Eventually deep below the ocean, the Angels of Nature re-evolve the marine life giving rise to a new intellectual civilisation – The Wet Civilisation!

The Episodes

The Novel is written in a screenplay fashion of an animation series (or a web-series), so that the audiences can visualize the incidents as if they are watching the live episodes in their mind.

Episode 1 – The Extinction
Episode 2 – The Consortium
Episode 3 – The Frogids
Episode 4 – The Power Of Imagination
Episode 5 – The Dark Hordes
Episode 6 – The Miscreants Of The Past
Episode 7 – The Damage Control
Episode 8 – The Aztadian Civilisation
Episode 9 – Refugees On Their Own Land
Episode 10 – The Busted Ego
Episode 11 – The Magical Masonry
Episode 12 – The Festival
Episode 13 – The Treachery

Episode 14 – The Decline of Aztadians
Episode 15 – The Wounds From Past
Episode 16 – The Treasure Hunt
Episode 17 – The Nation Within The Ocean
Episode 18 – The Wet Societies
Episode 19 – The Siege
Episode 20 – Surprised, Shocked and Terrified
Episode 21 – The Supreme Surveillance
Episode 22 – The Check and Mate
Episode 23 – The Newtanese Civilisation
Episode 24 – The Deceptive Invite
Episode 25 – The Surprise Element
Episode 26 – Beginning Of A New Era

The Characters and Marinescapes of The Wet Civilisation

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